The annual limit on ISA investments is £20,000. This allowance offers great opportunity to take advantage of tax efficient investments, although it increases the importance of ensuring you choose an ISA that’s right for you.

We offer fully regulated, personalised advice at your convenience. If you’re looking for advice on ISAs or other investment options, we can provide a personal, no-obligation consultation to help you achieve a clear view of your options.

If you already have ISAs or other investment funds, there has never been a better time than right now to review them. When it comes to the money you already have invested, how well can you answer these five questions:

If you’re not sure about the answers to these questions, we can help. With our expertise we can give your ISAs and other funds a thorough review to ensure your investments are still working hard for your future.

Please be aware that past performance is not indicative of future performance. The value of an investment may fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.



Tony and Anne are in their early-sixties and are coming to the point of fully retiring. Aside from their pension savings, they have been regular ISA savers in both cash and stocks and shares ISAs for many years and have mainly bought investment ISA funds from their bank. Their focus in the past was saving for retirement, but now they are looking at how best to replace their income in retirement. They haven’t previously sought financial advice on their funds as a portfolio, but are now looking to do so.

If Tony and Anne contacted TFAS for advice we would review their full financial circumstances to identify how they could achieve the right level of income from their assets without taking an undue level of risk as they approach their later years.



Steve and Laura are in their fifties and enjoying mid-life freedom again as their children have now left the nest. Both Steve and Laura have had high paying careers in the media with good pension benefits and they have also both used their ISA allowance for several years as a tax efficient way to build up their long term savings. Although they are not yet at the point of retirement, they are conscious that their ISA funds will represent an important part of their financial plan for the future. However, right now they feel they are probably paying too much and are concerned that the performance of some of the funds they took out years ago seem to have fallen significantly while other funds have done much better. This has made them feel that the time is right to seek professional advice on their investments.

In this situation, TFAS advisers would be able to review the performance and charges of Steve and Laura’s existing investment portfolio to help them ensure they are getting the most out of their long term savings without paying too much in charges.



Charles is in his mid-forties and married to Liz who works part time. They have two children who are both still in school. Charles is an IT specialist running a network security consultancy business from home. At the end of the tax year, if his company has had a good year he aims to take advantage of the tax benefits of ISA and pension contributions as an effective way of saving for the long term. He doesn’t have a joined up investment strategy for his long term savings however, and is aware that he generally keeps too much money on deposit on very low rates of interest while sometimes missing out on using his allowances because he is too busy to do the research needed to invest into a fund.

If Charles approached TFAS we could help him to get more organised before the end of the tax year in order to make sure he doesn’t miss the window of opportunity to maximise the important tax benefits that are available to him each financial year.