Are you protecting the things that matter?

Forget money for a moment, your family is what really matters most. Because life can be unpredictable, TFAS Financial Advisers can help prepare you and your family financially for the unexpected with affordable recommendations that provide for you in the event of long term illness, critical illness or death.

We can review any existing policies to make sure they still meet your needs today, or just to see if we can save you money? And as your circumstances change and you need new or extra cover, we will be there to help and support you with access to plans from every provider on the market.


Protecting the Family

Rachel & John and their 6 year old son, Jack have just moved into their dream family home with a great school nearby and a large garden for Jack to play in safely. To make the move they took on a larger mortgage from their bank, but are aware that if anything happens to either of them they would want to be sure if they can stay in their dream home as the family grows. Although the bank’s mortgage adviser was helpful, the bank only offered products from a single company and the costs of the policy seemed quite high. In the end, they decided to shop around to get the best options and value.

If Rachel and John approached TFAS our advisers would research a range of products and providers to find them the cover they need at a price they can afford. If they accepted our advice they would gain the peace of mind of knowing that even if the worst were to happen to either of them, they wouldn’t need to leave the family home, their friends or school.

Critical Illness

Dan and Joyce are a healthy, non-smoking couple in their late 40s who were shocked recently to learn that one of Dan’s close cycling friends was recently diagnosed with cancer. They hadn’t given much thought to serious illness before, but the news made them worry about the potential financial impact of something similar happening to them. They have a £50,000 repayment mortgage on their home with 7 years left to go and want to make sure if something did happen that they could repay this.

TFAS could help Dan and Joyce find an affordable monthly amount for a policy that would protect their outstanding mortgage and repay the loan if either of them were to develop a critical health condition, such as cancer, stroke, heart attack or many other serious illnesses. With this renewed peace of mind, they would be able to stop focusing on the financial consequences of becoming ill and get on with living their busy, active lives.

Income Protect

Income Protection

Tariq is single and manages an electrical store earning around £25,000 per year. He spends around £1,000 per month on his household bills, including his rent. His brother has just had an extended period off work following a car accident and had to borrow money from friends and family to pay the bills. Tariq does not want to be put in this same position should he become unable to earn an income for any reason.

Tariq is fortunate in that his employer would still pay his salary for 6 months in that circumstance, but after that his salary would stop. TFAS could help Tariq look at a wide range of Income Protection options that would give him a continuing income under different circumstances, and with our advice he could find a policy which would meet his needs adequately without breaking the bank each month.